7-Zip – freeware archiving tool. How to open .zip, .rar and .7z archives

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Archiver – it’s a program which compresses files, creating a special type of file from them, an archive file (i.e. files or folders wuth .zip, .rar, 7z and more other extensions). Compression make the original file’s size smaller, and the process is named archiving. Also archiver is used to extract previously compressed data, which restores them to initial condition. Archiving your files allows you to store more on you data carriers (USB sticks, portable HDDs and other). One more useful option is to create a password protected archive – which will make the archived data unavailable without knowing the correct password. This program is available in English and fully compatible with latest versions of Windows: XP/Vista/7/8
Prior to working with archives you will have to install the archiver:

How to archive:
1. After you have installed the software above, you will notice that new context menu option have appeared when right clicking on the files – 7zip.
2. For one click archiving just go to that menu and choose “Add to Sample archive.7z”. Archive process takes some time (depend on file’s size), and when it is done new file will be created in the same folder where initial one was stored. What means that you have successfully created the archive:
Add to Sample archive.7z
How to extract file from archive:
1. Click with RMB on your archive, navigate to 7zip menu, that click Extract here. Data will be extracted to the same folder where archive file was stored:
7zip open archive
Files which were in archive will be extracted to the same folder as your initial .zip file. Also, you can always explore archive’s content by doubleclicking on .zip file. Below you can see the content of the My foto.zip archive.
7zip archive
How to create a password protected archive:
1. Click RMB on the files which you want to archive, go to 7zip, than Add to archive… New window will appear, where you should fill-up the following:
7zip creating password
2. In the field archive format select “zip”, that go to “Enter password” and type your password. Than click OK.
That is all!