Angry birds. How to install and play Angry Birds on PC or notebook?!

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angry_birds_mainAngry Birds – without any doubts the most popular and famous game for mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It’s a perfect way to have some fun and entertain a little launching your birds with slingshot into the evil pigs. This game has become incredibly well known and widespread , making a lot of PC users to look for the way to play on PC’s.

Such possibility was available long time ago, but with some concerns – some levels were inaccessible limited and updates where unavailable, but this is now in the past. Here is the perfect way to install Angry Birds on your PC and play it without any limitations.

How to install and play Angry Birds

  1. Download Pokki following the link below
  2. An icon near Start button will appear:
  3. angry_birds_icon

  4. Click it with the left mouse button and write Angry Birds in the search field, click install:
  5. Angry Birds install

  6. An icon of Angry Birds will appear when finished
  7. Angry Birds game icon

  8. Login into the game with your gmail account to unlock all levels:
  9. Angry Birds login

Have a nice time and don’t forget to sign up for the updates!

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