How to delete an installed program in Mac OS X?! Uninstaller program AppCleaner for Mac OS

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AppCleaner – a freeware program used for complete removal of software and it’s contiguous files and data in Mac OS X.
Due to the fact of absence in Mac OS X of any system based uninstaller tools, which is because of very specific software installation mechanism based on simply copying executable file to the “Programs” folder, an additional applications should be used.
However, some programs usually leave “litter” files – like configuration data or cache folders, which eat system space and can even slowdown you system performance, meaning that it is better to use specialized software for proper removal of installed applications.
AppCleaner is available in 2 editions – for Mac OS X 10.4+ and Mac OS X 10.6.6+
Program’s interface:

I strongly recommend to use this way to remove programs from you Mac to keep it clean of any unnecessary files and performing on a top level!

Also, there is a more simple way to uninstall applications for Mac OS, provided by the Apple:

  1. To delete the program bought in App Store, navigate to Launchpad, click and hold the icon of program you want to uninstall, and wait till it trembles with the (X) appearing near it. Than simply press it. If the uninstall button did not appear, program can’t be deleted.
  2. To delete the software installed from the other source (non App Store), drag and drop it to the Recycle bin. Than go to Finder and click Empty Recycle bin.
  3. Link here.

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