How to open Instagram on PC? Get Instagrille for free!

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Instagramm – a social network for instant photo sharing, becoming more and more popular every day. This is why a lot of PC users sooner or later ask questions like “How to open Instagramm on PC”, “How to save Instagramm photo on PC” or simply “Instagramm on computer”. Initially this social network was created for portable devices, but it has become obvious that with such popularity it should extend to PC and notebooks. There is no official software for Instagramm on PC, but this is exactly one more case where independent developers come to help with Instagrille program.

So, Instagrille – a freeware program to adapt Instagramm for PC and notebooks, allowing to see your friends news feed, download photos and save them.

This is how it looks:
Instagrille main page

Short manual:

  1. Download and install Instagrille (Link 1 Link 2)
  2. Run it with the Icon
  3. Instagrille icon in windows

  4. Authorize, using your Instagramm credentials
  5. Instagrille autorization in screen

  6. If your login details are correct, you’ll see News feed. If you would like to download an image, just click the button below.
  7. Instagrille download image

Good luck and don’t forget to sign up for the updates!