Parted magic – bootable USB/CD-DVD with disk utilities. How to create bootable OS.

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Parted Magic – mini OS, with the full set of utilities and options essential for proper access to your HDD data, has built-in disk explorer, browser, connection manager and many other. In case if you have encountered a fatal Windows error and OS does not boot any more, you can use such bootable OS to access the data on your HDD, copy CD’s or DVD’s, format or resize your drives or for web access, when you need to download something (drivers, required to restore your Win and so on or just google for the solution).

Parted Magic can be easily installed on your USB stick or CD\DVD and make it bootable. By creating bootable OS on your portable data carrier you will get a pocket size ultimate solution for almost any software problems. That how Parted Magic OS looks like:

Parted Magic main window

Features overview:

  • PFD Viewer
  • TruCrypt
  • Zip\Rar archiver
  • Adobe Flash player
  • Image Viewer
  • ISO Master (for CD\DVD image files)
  • Clonezilla
  • Disk Eraser
  • Partition Editor (Partition Magic analogue – HDD tool)
  • FireFox web browser
  • gFTP (FTP client)
  • Java support
  • Remote Desktop Client
  • VNC Viewer
  • Xfburn (CD\DVD burner)
How to create bootable OS:
  1. Download ISO image of Parted Magic
  2. Plug in your USB stick
  3. Download UNetbootin (download) (tool, required in order to create bootable device from ISO image) and run it
  4. Choose Disk image in the install master (1); browse for a Parted Magic image file location (2); Choose Type – USB (3) and click OK (4).
  5. Screenshot with proper settings below:
    unetbootin setup

  6. Wait till installation is done and click Exit:
  7. unetbootin setup process

  8. Bootable USB has been created and is ready for action. Let’s test it. Reboot your PC and go to your BIOS boot menu (usually by pressing F10 right when your PC starts to boot). Choose “Boot from USB: option, after press Enter.
  9. Wait for one more reboot and choose “Default settings (Runs from RAM)” in Parted Magic boot options window.
  10. Parted Magic boot menu

  11. In a minute or two Parted Magic OS will boot. If you need to edit your HDD – user Partition Editor icon to run the proper tool, which will be located on your desktop.
  12. Partition Editor link

  13. Use the menu in left bottom corner to access the rest of the programs (The one which reminds of Start menu from Windows a lot).
  14. Parted Magic start menu

That’s all. Hope you will find this guide very useful.
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