Process explorer for Windows – analogue of Windows Task Manager

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Process explorer – it is a freeware solution for process management in Windows OS, it is based on Task manager’s functionality, which means that it displays currently running processes on you PC. Moreover, it provides you with even more useful info – description of processes and loaded DLL (driver libraries).

GUI consists of two windows. In the upper window you will find the list of active processes, and in a bottom one (which is configurable depending on your preferred settings) – either all open descriptors for the process highlighted in upper window or all loaded DLL.
Here is a screenshot:

Process Explorer general screen

Process explorer also is equipped with great search engine, which allows you to quickly find out processes based on the DLL the one uses or opened descriptor.
Usually, computer malware block Windows Task Manager, and this is where Process Explorer will be of most use (especially because it can be ran from USB stick or other portable device). Process Explorer will also mark all unknown or suspicious processes with red – you can simply shut down all processes or block DLL’s suspected to be malware related.

IMHO, Process Explorer is a “musthave” software for any user. And, like all the software we recommend, it is fully compatible with all the latest Windows versions (XP, Vista and Win 7).