Universal USB installer – software for creating bootable USB for Windows Vista/7/8. Or how to create the bootable USB?!

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In order to create the bootable USB device which can be used when your Windows installation becomes corrupt you should:

  1. Download and run freeware tool Universal USB installer.
  2. Run it, then:
    1. Choose the Win version you have installed
    2. Choose the ISO image file with the same version of Win as the one on your PC (Note, Win 8 properly detected the ISO file only after I renamed it to “Windows8”
    3. Choose the USB drive letter(over 2GB required)
    4. Check the box “We will format…” Keep in mind, that all data on your USB will be deleted
    5. Push the “Create” button:

    Universal USB Installer

  3. In the newly appeared window verify that all your settings for Bootable USB are correct and click OK:
    Universal USB Installer perform
  4. This is how the process of creating bootable USB with Universal USB installer looks like:
  5. Universal USB Installer install progress

  6. Click “Close” when installation is complete.
  7. Universal USB Installer install progress done
    That’s all, you have just created the bootable USB drive.
    To boot your system using the USB drive, reboot your PC and press F8 on the BIOS screen. Than choose Boot from USB option.

    Good luck, and don’t forget to sign up for the updates.