Handbrake – video converter for iPad, or how to convert video for iPad, iPhone and iPod

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About video converting software
While looking for a good video converter for Apple devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod) you can easily surf the web for many hours without finding anything worthy.

As usual, one of the most important requirements will be simple interface, multiple languages, and good conversion speed. You will definitely find all this features in different players, but a good challenge is to find the only one which will have them all simultaneously. It is not easy for me to explain why most developers are trying to make their video converting software multifunctional and overloading it with unnecessary features, when the only thing we usually need – is to simply covert video to an i-device compatible format.

Freeware video converter Handbrake

Video converter Handbrake is among the best one converting tools in the web for iPad, iPhone and iPod without any dependency on which device version you are going to upload converted data – iPhone 3 or 3G, 4, 4S either iPad or iPad 2. Handbrake video converter supports conversion of video data into a most favorable Apple’s codec – H.264. Program is available in English version, and that is, of course, one more advantage. Also, what just cannot be left unnoticed, Handbrake has got an ultimately easy and user-friendly interface – you simply choose the file to convert, browse for a folder to store the converted version, choose from a drop-down list your device and, that’s all. All other settings will be defined automatically based on file size\quality ratio.

Handbrake will be of use when converting video for AppleTV, Sony PSP, PS3, Xbox 360 and Android. It is fully compatible with all Windows versions – Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, 8 and Mac OS.

Download handbrake

Here is a picture of Handbrakes main window:
Handbrake general screen

How to convert video (Manual)
  1. Download and install Handbrake video converter (download Handbrake).
  2. Run Handbrake by double clicking on the icon like below:
  3. handbrake icon

  4. Now we have to define the folder to store our new converted videos. Go to Tools, Options and browse for the desired folder. On the screenshot below I have chosen drive D:
    handbrake open options
    In Options you should find the “Output files”, click it and then “Browse”. When done click OK:
    handbrake choose destination
  5. In main Windows which have appeared select the device which we are converting videos for. Just like an iPad below:
    handbrake choose ipad
  6. Go to the menu again, click “Source” to select the video to process.:
    handbrake select video files
    handbrake video
  7. Click “Start” and wait. The process may take some time depending on the video’s length and quality:
    handbrake start convertation

Don’t forget, that you can convert video data for many other devices using Handbrake.
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